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In addition to your cake you can order all kinds of sweets at TortAventura. You can order a complete sweet table or you can choose a number of separate sweets to go with your cake, such as cupcakes or cake pops. Everything will be decorated in your chosen theme and colours. For a small fee, you can also borrow cake stands, platters and if needed a table to present your sweet table beautifully. Feel free to enquire about the possibilities.


A cupcake is a small cake, an individual portion with a diameter of 6 cm that can be decorated as desired. Cupcakes are available in various flavours.

Dessert cups

A light pastry in a transparent cup. Available in different variants.


Decorated donuts. Can be ordered in any colour or theme. A donut wall is also possible.

Cake pops

Cake pops are decorated little balls of cake, like a lollipop on a stick. Made from brownie and coated with chocolate.

Chocolate covered Oreos

An Oreo cookie covered with candy or chocolate and decorated with fondant.

Cake Popsicles

A cake pop with a wooden stick in the shape of a Magnum ice cream covered with candy or chocolate. Matching your theme and decorated with fondant.

Meringue lollipops

Egg white foam like a lollipop on a stick. Various options, colours, flavours and decorations.

Chocolate strawberries

Strawberries dipped in chocolate. Also possible as a tower.

Meringue kisses

Bite-sized swirls of meringue candy. Available in all kinds of shapes and colours.

Decorated cookies

Homemade cookies decorated with sugar paste.


Treat day at work, school or a children’s party? TortAventura makes the best treats. For companies also with company logo. Whatever your theme or wishes, TortAventura turns it into something fun (and tasty). Feel free to enquire about the possibilities!