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Cupcakes &


In addition to your cake you can order all kinds of sweets at TortAventura. Everything will be decorated in your chosen theme and colours.


Cupcakes can be ordered from 12 pieces. They are baked with real butter and organic eggs. They are available in vanilla, chocolate or red velvet and can be baked with chocolate chips or confetti. They can also be filled. Cupcakes can be decorated in any theme. Optionally with or without frosting, decorated with fondant or with an edible print.


When it is your baby or toddler’s birthday, it is also possible to order a little smash cake with your cake. This is a small sphere cake that is especially for your son/daughter. He or she can then enjoy and consume it as he/she would like to. The cake will be covered in the same colours and filled the same as the larger cake.


Cake pops are decorated little balls of cake, like a lollipop on a stick. Made from brownie and coated with chocolate.

An Oreo cookie covered with candy or chocolate and decorated with fondant.

Homemade cookies decorated with sugar paste.