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Custom cakes can be ordered for a minimum of 16 people. Tiered cakes are possible from 18 people.

All cakes are made from biscuit (sponge cake), which is a light vanilla or chocolate cake without any butter. The cakes are coated with white chocolate ganache and covered in fondant and there are delicious, luxurious fillings you can choose from.

The cake is placed on a cake drum, which is covered in fondant and finished with a ribbon.

When it is your baby or toddler’s birthday, it is also possible to order a little smash cake with your cake. This is a small sphere cake that is especially for your son/daughter. He or she can then enjoy and consume it as he/she would like to. The cake will be covered in the same colours and filled the same as the larger cake.

Shapes and sizes


4 servings (only in a tiered cake)

6 servings (only in a tiered cake)

8 servings (only in a tiered cake)

12 servings

14 servings

16 servings

20 servings

24 servings

28 servings


6 servings (only in a tiered cake)

9 servings (only in a tiered cake)

12 servings

16 servings

25 servings

36 servings

tiered cakes

18 servings Ø17,5 + Ø12,5 cm / Ø20 + Ø10 cm

20 servings Ø20 + Ø12,5 cm

22 servings Ø20 + Ø15 cm / Ø22,5 + Ø12,5 cm

24 servings Ø22,5 + Ø 15 cm

28 servings Ø22,5 + Ø17,5 cm / Ø25 + Ø15 cm

34 servings Ø25 + Ø20 cm

42 servings Ø30 + Ø20 cm

26 servings Ø20, Ø15 + Ø10 cm

34 servings Ø22,5, Ø17,5 + Ø12,5 cm

42 servings Ø25, Ø20 + Ø15 cm

44 servings Ø27,5, Ø20 + Ø12,5 cm

46 servings Ø30, Ø20 + Ø10 cm

52 servings Ø30, Ø22,5 + Ø15 cm / Ø27,5, Ø22,5 + Ø17,5 cm

56 servings Ø30, Ø25 + Ø15 cm

62 servings Ø30, Ø25 + Ø20 cm

46 servings Ø25, Ø20, Ø15 + Ø10 cm

58 servings Ø27,5, Ø22,5, Ø17,5 + Ø12,5 cm

70 servings Ø30, Ø25, Ø20 + Ø15 cm

74 servings Ø30, Ø25, Ø20, Ø15 + Ø10 cm

Combinations of round, square or petal are also possible. Cake layers are standard 12-14 cm tall. A double tier of the same size (double barrel) is possible as well. The number of servings is an estimate: you could cut larger or smaller portions.

“The Secret Ingredient Is Always Love.”

3D cakes

Generally 3D cakes are made from cake instead of biscuit. Cake is firmer and easier to carve. Due to the shape the number of servings is usually different. Furthermore not all fillings are possible. Please enquire about the possibilities.

3D cakes are more expensive than regular theme cakes. This is because 3D cakes are more labor intensive and more (expensive) materials are needed. They also often require an internal structure and a cake board made from MDF.